Need to speak to someone on the phone if possible. I am now able to use my brand name GUSUSU, GET UP STAND UP STAY UP it has been allowed to be registered as trademark. However I need to change the store name from Melanated Property T’ to this ( GUSUSU GET UP STAND UP STAY UP ) to file with the library of Congress and unfortunately I am in place that has no internet so I can only do limited things on my phone and I was wondering if Shopify could do something to help me? I would like to use the same home page I have now when you go to my store site but without the art work I just want the name GUSUSU GET UP STAND UP STAY UP , that is under the art work. When customers go on the web to search they should now type in ( GUSUSU GET UP STAND UP STAY ) please contact me at phone # 559 348-8046 I can explain better to you so that you can get better understanding.   Thank You   Cecil Morris